Level 2/3 Practising Assessment

This is the highest qualification for this level of traffic management and requires a practical assessment on a Level 2 or 3 road over 65kmph. Often the biggest barrier to success is understanding the assessment process and the hoops you have to jump through. This is where Evolve Training Academy comes in. We are a one stop shop assessment training service.

Who should attend:

  • This is the highest qualification for this level of traffic management.
  • People undertaking this assessment must hold a current level 2/3 STMS-NP certificate.
  • Candidates must be able to provide evidence of the successful establishment and removal of level 2 and 3 worksites, under the guidance of a fully qualified STMS.

Verification closures and paperwork:

  • Often the hardest part of an assessment is the preparation and where to start.
  • Evolve Training Academy will meet with you at the beginning of your assessment process to explain how all the paperwork should be completed during the build up.

Assessment and Assessor:

  • Evolve Training Academy has their own Level 2/3 Practising Assessor
  • Ben Isdale is available weekdays and weekends for assessments
  • There is no course for this qualification. It is awarded once the candidate has successfully completed a practical assessment.


  • Assessors cost: $800 + GST (plus $40.00 NZTA registration fee)
  • Vehicle and equipment hire is negotiated on a case by case basis
  • Consulting, coaching and preparation training for assessments is negotiated on a case by case basis
  • It is best to have a formal meeting to go through the process before engaging. We are more than happy to come and see you and answer any questions.

Assessment Training:

  • Evolve Training Academy are experts at practical assessments. With more than 60 successful applicants over the last two years we have an unparalleled understanding of the assessment process and requirements.
  • Simply send your staff to us and we will coach them on their toolbox, setup methodology and on site induction.

Assessment TMP:

  • We have an excellent TMP designed for the sole purpose of practical assessments. This is an Auckland Transport approved dummy TMP which means candidates don’t have to rush through the setup while your clients wait.

Other services:

  • Assessment equipment: CoPTTM compliant TMA trucks, signs, stands, bases and cones
  • Assessment staff: We have highly experienced 2/3 practising STMS staff, drivers and TCs available for assessments

Observe an assessment:

  • You are more than welcome to attend an assessment to observe how the day runs through, watch a toolbox being delivered and the closure being implemented. A great way to get a visual understanding of what to expect on the day.

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