Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Auditing Service

Evolve Training Academy offers a comprehensive Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) auditing service

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The first thing that comes to mind when people think of auditors are suits with no practical experience pushing a clipboard – “I don’t know how to do your job, but according to this piece of paper you’re doing it wrong” is a common situation.

At Evolve it’s not just an audit, it’s training. Our trainers have all attained the highest NZTA practical qualification (Level 2/3 Practising STMS) – AND understand the technical side as well. We have a wealth of experience including an ex Auckland Transport auditor.

This means that we can look at your site from the eyes of the Road Controlling Authority (RCA) and the STMS. We find this creates buy in from the STMS and Contractor while identifying issues and rectifying them.


Full work site audit:

  • A comprehensive TTM audit using the Auckland Transport or NZTA Audit form
  • Review of TMP Proforma, TMD and On-site record documentation
  • A full report including photos and videos
  • On-going audits will be logged in a spreadsheet to identify trends
  • On site coaching of staff to rectify issues identified
  • Review of Health and Safety on site including PPE, vehicle compliance, license checks and induction records

RCA Audit Response:

  • Have you received a Notice of Non-Conformance (NNC) or Advisory Note (AN)?
  • We are experts and responding to your RCA and can help you write a response
  • Develop and implement Corrective Action Plans (CAP) in response to RCA Audits
  • Liaise with RCA auditors on your behalf – we have an excellent relationship with them

Stop Works Order Assistance:

  • Has your site been shut down by the RCA?
  • We can provide consultation and guidance to get your worksite up to an Acceptable standard and get you back to work as soon as possible

Audit Training:

  • Train your senior staff to become auditors
  • We can tailor a package to suit your needs and show your senior staff what NZTA and RCAs look for when auditing
  • How to use audit forms and score consistently – the way the RCA does

Recognition of Previous Experience (ROPE) Application Assistance:

  • If you have a Level 2/3 STMS who needs to submit a ROPE application we can review the application before you submit it to NZTA
  • When submitting On-site records to NZTA, even the smallest error can result in a denied application – you only get one chance – get your On-site records checked by the Evolve team first
  • ROPE form and information: https://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/code-temp-traffic-management#ROPE
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