Level 1 Basic Traffic Controller (TC)

This course provides in depth training on Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) guidelines, skills and requirements set out by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) for work activities on Level 1 Roads.

Who should attend:

Anybody who is looking to carry out TTM duties on state highways or local roads is required to have a TC qualification. Will be working underneath an STMS as a Manual Traffic Controller (MTC / Stop/Go).


  • One day, typically from 09:00 to 17:00
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to find parking and register
  • After hours’ / night shift courses may be booked

Course Content:

  • Introduction to the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM)
  • Authorities of a TC
  • Responsibilities
  • Equipment and signs
  • Operate as a Manual Traffic Controller (MTC) – Stop/Go
  • Static and mobile operations
  • Understanding and filling out correct documentation


  • Four open book tests:
  • Section A: Introduction and General
  • Section B: Equipment
  • Section C: Static Operations
  • Section D: Mobile Operations

You must achieve an average of 60% overall four tests to pass the course.

Learning environment:

  • The course is predominantly classroom-based with optional additional practical exercises. Computers are provided to all attendees.
  • Attendees will be taught to navigate CoPTTM to find answers to tests. This is an extremely useful tool as it empowers employees to find solutions to problems in the field and facilitates on-going learning.
  • Maximum class size of 15 to ensure all learners get the quality attention and guidance they need.

Practical content:

  • Our courses also include competency based practical exercises to learn the basics of Manual Traffic Control (Stop/Go) and the placement of signs and TTM equipment.
  • You can be confident your staff will be taught the correct safe work methods for operating in the road environment.


  • Successful participants will be issued with a temporary I.D. card as evidence until the NZTA TC Certificate and I.D. card arrives which is valid for three years from the date of the course.

 Unit Standards:

  • Our unit standard based courses are done by PassRite. Customers can book these course through Evolve Training. If you would like to gain credits on top of your NZTA course please let us know when you fill out your application.

We offer the following unit standards for Level 1 TC:

NZTA Course Level 1 TC
Unit Standard 20878 | Assist with temporary traffic management for low volume and Level 1 roads
Credits 1 Level 2

NZTA Course Level 1 TC
Unit Standard 5629 | Assist with temporary traffic management site closure for Level 2 and 3 roads
Credits 2 Level 2

NZTA Course Level 1 TC
Unit Standard 5627 |Operate as a Traffic Controller (TC) for low volume and Level 1 roads
Credits 4 Level 3

Course Cost:

  • $259.00 + GST per/person ($297.85.00 including GST)
  • Group rates are available
  • Unit standards are an additional cost and organised through enquiry

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