TC (Traffic Controller) Course Explained

Duration: 8 hours (including breaks)

Method of delivery: Classroom workshop, PowerPoint Presentation

Tests: 4 Open Book tests (20 minutes each)

Each test covers a different section of CoPTTM (Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management), attendees are required to use CoPTTM to answer test questions.

Attendees will learn the basics of Temporary Traffic Management:

  • Section A: Introduction and General
  • Section B: Equipment
  • Section C: Static Operations
  • Section D: Mobile Operations

You must achieve an average of 60% over all four tests to pass the course and become a TC.

Once the course has finished you will fill out your registration form and have your photo taken. You will then be issued an ID card from NZTA with your own NZTA ID number. This can take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

NZQA Unit Standards

In addition to the NZTA TC Course there are NZQA unit standards that require demonstrating a level of competency; candidates will physically implement TTM.

NZTA Course Unit Standard Description Credits Level
Level 1 TC 20878 Assist with temporary traffic management for low volume and Level 1 roads 1 2
5629 Assist with temporary traffic management site closure for Level 2 and 3 roads 2 2
5627 Operate as a Traffic Controller (TC) for low volume and Level 1 roads 4 3

Course dates can be found here